Anna & Froga

animation TV series


Vanilla Seed - La Chouette Compagnie

  • Format: 65x5'
  • Genre: Upper Preschool Comedy
  • Target: preschool
  • Language versions: French, English


In development. With the support of CNCIA, Région Grande Aquitaine, Département de la Charente, Procirep and Angoa.


Based on the comic series by Anouk Ricard, published in English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Swedish, French.


It’s a fact of life: no one is perfect. But Anna doesn’t mind! When you’re lucky enough to have a blundering frog, a pretentious dog, a sarcastic cat, and a greedy earthworm as your best friends, life will never be boring! Naturally, given their strong characters, there is often friction between them, but luckily, Anna and Froga are always there to help resolve conflicts… 

Aimed at upper preschoolers, ANNA & FROGA is a zany comedy about the daily quirks and nutty adventures of 5 friends.